Business Co-operation at Educational Institutions

Students have potential – harness their skills:

Do you need a temp for a fixed-term project or are you looking for an intern for your company?

There are tens of thousands of young people studying in various higher education institutions (HEIs) of Turku, and their potential is at the service of your company. Hiring a student as an intern means you will get a skillful and enthusiastic employee in your work community. Projects conducted as student group work are an efficient way to get a fresh perspective for your company’s use.

Many students write their pro gradu theses and final projects as commissions from companies. A thesis or final project is a good way to acquire a report or study based on the needs of your business. Possibilities and forms of co-operation are multifold.

Help is available, for example, for

  • developing your organization
  • communications
  • product development
  • translation
  • export and import
  • marketing
  • internationalization
  • strengthening personnel know-how

Korkeakoulukumppani helps businesses in finding and utilizing the know-how and expertise found in Turku’s higher education institutions.  You can make pro gradu thesis commissions and hire student interns and employees via Turku Academic Career Services.

Turku Academic Career Services offers contacts to experts and professionals studying at Turku University, Turku School of Economics and Åbo Akademi University. Through us you may also acquire valuable research information or organize a recruiting event directed at the student group of your choice.

Through the extensive education institution network of the Machine Technology Center Turku businesses have a possibility to research, for example, intensification and development options of product manufacturing methods together with higher education institution students, and to create and develop company products in order to enhance producibility as a part of students’ final projects.

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