Sparring and Business Mentors

A business mentor is a reliable partner for an entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur will encounter times when having a more experienced person to discuss business with would be a good idea. For an entrepreneur, or someone intending to become one, a business mentor is a confidential partner to develop ideas with. A business mentor is a sparring partner and a coach who observes from outside and brings out matters and circumstances that may have escaped the attention of the entrepreneur.

Suomen Yrityskummit ry is a group of experts consisting of experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders and influential persons in economic life, who are lending their time and know-how into development of businesses.

The business mentor activity is based on trust. A business mentor asks questions, networks and offers tools for finding answers. The nationwide business mentor network includes already over a thousand professionals familiar with business life.

Business mentors help and support expansive small and medium sized businesses also in various times of change, such as in change of ownership or generation, or when expanding operations.

Business mentor activity for entrepreneurs if free of charge as well as free of bureaucracy and unnecessary formalities.