1.5-degree life campaign

A climate campaign for the whole city

The City of Turku has set as its goal to be carbon neutral in 2029, and from then on to be climate positive, with a cooling effect on the atmosphere. The goal is a bold one, and all residents of the city are needed to achieve it. The 1.5-degree Life is a campaign that Turku hopes will encourage its residents and businesses to make climate-friendly choices. The measures are small and easy day-to-day acts, significant inventions, and everything in between.

It is also good to keep in mind that a climate-friendly life is not a life of misery and doing without – it also brings health and well-being to our lives while, at best, giving rise to new business activities. 

The campaign's hashtags are #hiilineutraali2029 #turku #kylmääki

Taking part in the campaign are the City of Turku and the Turku Group subsidiaries:

Turku Energia, Arkea, Föli, Beyond challenge 2030 science competition, Library, Turku Climate Team, Eco-support, Visit Turku, Turku Museum Centre, Forum Marinum, Turku University of Applied Sciences, TVT Asunnot Oy, LSJH, area water utilities (Turku Region Water Ltd., Turun seudun puhdistamo Oy, Turun vesihuolto), Turku Student Village Foundation, The Baltic Sea Challenge, and VASO (Right-of-occupancy housing company of Southwest Finland).

Turkuseura, an organisation dedicated to the preservation of local culture, is the patron of the campaign.

The campaign is based on the Paris Climate Accords aimed at limiting the increase in temperatures to 1.5 degrees.

The global average temperature has risen by about one degree from the pre-industrial period. With the current global emission trend we are on our way to a world of more than three degrees. If they are carried out, the current climate agreements and carbon neutrality goals are taking us to a temperature increase of two degrees.

If we want to achieve the goal of just 1.5 degrees, it requires urgent measures from everyone. UN member states, including Finland, have committed themselves to the Paris Agreement. Turku is also heavily involved, with its goal of being a carbon-neutral city in 2029. There are many ways to carry out life at 1.5 degrees. Sustainable choices suited to each individual depend on the person's own life situation, inclinations, and living area. There are many ways of living a climate-friendly life!