Contact Information

Turku Climate Team

Emails: firstname.lastname(at)

Risto Veivo, Climate Director 
Climate, Development Policy and Sustainable Development

Miika Meretoja, Senior Specialist
Climate change mitigation and preparedness, climate information and reporting, research and development partnerships

Niina Ruuska, Project Manager
Carbon neutral business areas and corporate climate actions

Lotte Suveri, Project Specialist
Resource wisdom and climate projects, campaigns

Iris Kriikkula, Project Specialist
Climate projects and updating process of the Climate Plan, RESPONSE -Integrated solution for positive energy and resilient cities-project

Heli Huuskonen, Project Specialist
Circular economy, IKLU-Ilmastokaupungin hiilineutraalit klusterit-project

Outi Laikko, Project Manager, Senior Specialist
Circular economy, Ilpo –Ilmastopositiiviset yritysalueet ja arvoketjut - project

Hannu Waher, Communication Expert
Communication and campaigns

Annika Laitinen, Project Trainee
Zero emissions construction sites

External specialists

Suvi Monni, Leading Specialist, Sitowise
Turku Climate Plan 2029, emissions monitoring

Emma Liljeström, Specialist, Sitowise
Turku Climate Plan 2029, emissions monitoring