It's time to choose the winner of 1.5 Degree Life video campaign

- Voting has closed -

The city of Turku along with Japanese cities Nagano and Yokohama challenged young people to share their best climate tips through video -art.



What does a climate-friendly lifestyle look like? Turku, Nagano and Yokohama asked their youth to creatively answer this question. A jury selected the best videos and it is now up to you to choose a winner! Voting time is between 15th of February to 1st of March (by 12 am). You can vote by opening the video in YouTube and pressing the like button on your favorite one. Winners will be chosen by combing the points from the jury and from YouTube - voting.


City of Turku will give prizes for the three best videos from Finland. Vote for your favorite video from Finland:

Videos has been translated to Finnish and English. You can choose the subtitles in the video settings in YouTube.




Yokohama's winner will be rewarded by the ICLEI network. Vote your favorite video from Yokohama:


In Nagano a local jury will choose the winner video. All winners will be published at the same time in March.

By 1.5-Degree Life we mean a lifestyle that is sustainable and climate friendly - a lifestyle that does not accelerate climate change or overconsume nature. 1.5-Degrees refers to the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the necessary lifestyles shift to achieve this goal were fraimed by Sitra in their report Pathways to 1.5-Degree lifestyles by 2030.

Through the Circular Turku project, the  ICLEI network is supporting to the campaign, and connecting it to global climate action processes such as UN Climate Change Conference COP26. ICLEI will convene a group of experts on 1.5-Degree Life and feature the winning videos during COP26.



1.5℃ライフスタイルとは、持続可能で環境にやさしい生活であり、気候変動を加速させ、自然を過度に消費する生活ではありません。1.5℃はパリ協定の目的であり、この目標を実現するために必要なライフスタイルの変革は、Sitraの報告書であるPathways to 1.5-Degree lifestyles by 2030のなかで示されました。 Circular Turku projectを通して、イクレイは本共同キャンペーンを支援し、COP26のような国際的な気候変動対策のプロセスに繋げていきます。また、1.5℃ライフスタイルの専門家を招集し、COP26の期間中に優勝作品を大きく取り上げる予定です。