Our climate target

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Turku aims to be carbon neutral by 2029 and climate positive from then onwards. 2029 is also a year when Turku will be 800 years old. A sustainable gift for the city would be attaining carbon neutrality.

The goal and its accompanying plan are bold and exemplary. The thrust is to inspire, encourage and support climate actions from all areas of the society - individuals, companies, city units, groups, businesses, civil society and so on. The plan was developed and is being implemented with the continuous input of all societal stakeholders.

Emission reduction targets have been set for each council term as follows (level 1990 of the emission reference year):

  • In 2021, emission reduced 50% - This was achieved already in 2020 (The City of Turku climate report 2020 (City Council 20 September 2021 § 221)).
  • By 2025, emissions reduced 75%.
  • By 2029, emissions reduced 90%. Rest 10% will be compensated.
  • From 2029 onwards, a climate-positive city

The main objectives of the City of Turku climate policy include having a carbon neutral city area by 2029, being climate positive from that point onwards, and preparing comprehensively for the effects of climate change.

  • By year 2029 at the latest, Turku will reach carbon neutrality. This means that the sum of Turku’s emissions, carbon sinks and potential offsets is zero or below.
  • From 2029 onwards, Turku strives towards an increasing climate positivity, which means that the sum of local emissions, carbon sinks and compensations is increasingly negative.
  • The city will prepare for the effects of climate change effectively and comprehensively: the risks, vulnerabilities and effects will be analyzed once every council term as a minimum and preparedness measures will be taken to address them.

Key means for meeting climate targets/strategy and vision:

  • Reaching a carbon-neutral energy system and increasing renewable energy.
  • Bringing emissions from the mobility system to a low level.
  • Implementing a sustainable community structure and low-carbon construction.
  • Strengthening biodiversity and carbon sinks, developing offsetting measures.
  • Implementing the Turku City Group's own climate responsibility and enhancing the development of climate business and climate innovations through procurement and investments.
  • Increasing awareness of the risks of, and vulnerabilities to climate change and planning and implementing measures to prepare for change.
  • Mobilizing citizens, communities, businesses, stakeholders, development partners and universities – the entire civil society – to join the work of creating climate actions and implementing a carbon-neutral Turku.
  • Reinforcing such research, training and innovation activities in higher education institutions in Turku that help create climate and circular economy solutions. Enhancing climate expertise at all levels of education.


This figure above is presenting normalised emissions in Turku in 1990, 2015 and 2020, calculated using the CO2 report method. The figure also includes the estimated development of emissions, carbon sinks and offsetting measures for years 2025, 2029 and 2035. The emission targets are presented on the left vertical axis, and the emissions per capita are presented on the right vertical axis.

Will Turku be carbon-neutral by 2029? from 11th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR on Vimeo.