Children and adolescents’ neuropsychiatric team

Support and Guidance Helpline of The Neuropsychiatric Team

You can call the helpline without a referral or an established treatment relationship. Advice on the telephone service is provided by a nurse. 

Telephone hours for guardians on Thursdays at 13–15 (new clients)

Book an appointment by calling the Children and Adolescents’ Outpatient Clinic from Mon to Thu at 8–16 or Fri 8–14, tel. +358 (0)2 266 1155. The family will be called at the agreed time.

Professionals’ telephone hours on Thursdays at 10–12

You can call the nurses' telephone number directly during the telephone hour. You can also request that they contact you by email at


The Neuropsychiatric team supports children under 13 years of age, their families and the professionals working with them in cases where the child has problems regulating activity and attention, impulse control, social interactions or recurrent behaviour.

Referral to the services of the children and adolescents’ neuropsychiatric team

A child health clinic or school health care refers its clients to the neuropsychiatric team. The neuropsychiatric team has a support and guidance helpline for parents and professionals that they can call without a referral or a previously established care relationship. Advice on the telephone service is provided by a nurse or a psychologist. 

What kinds of services does the children and adolescents’ neuropsychiatric team offer?

  • The team conducts assessment and guidance visits at the outpatient clinic and in the child’s local environments, such as his or her home, school or early childhood education.
  • The guardians are provided with individual guidance to support the development of the child or young person, group psychoeducation and parental guidance provided in a group.
  • The team provides support for the diagnosis process and possible initiation or change of ADHD/ADD medication.

Neuropsychiatric team groups

Incredible years parental guidance group 

The Incredible years group is an evidence-based parenting programme for treating defiance and behavioural problems in children. 14 parents of children in primary education are admitted to the group and the group meets once a week, in total 14 times. Each group meeting lasts for 2 hours and 15 minutes. Between appointments, the parents get a weekly phone call from a professional. One more group meeting will take place six months after the final group session. 

Strategy parental guidance group

The Strategy group is aimed at parents of children aged 4–12 who have been diagnosed with ADHD with a need to make daily life run more smoothly. The course consists of five three-hour meetings. The meetings take place once a week. 

Group psychoeducation

A two-hour group psychoeducation session is intended for the guardians of children if the child is suspected to have ADHD/ADD or has an ADHD/ADD diagnosis. Parents from Turku can come to the group psychoeducation session based on a referral by the treatment provider or by signing up to the activity by calling a nurse in the neuropsychiatric team. Those who have signed up for the group will receive separate information about the group schedule. 

Visiting address: 

Luolavuorentie 2, Rakennus 1C, sisääntulokerros
20700 Turku


City of Turku switchboard +358 2 330 000
Office +358 2 661 155
Nurse Tanya Frisk +358 40 182 6602
Nurse Anna-Lena Nyman +358 40 195 5428
Nurse Aino-Inkeri Salminen +358 40 357 8964
Psychologist Suvi Jokihaka +358 40 144 7914
Child Psychiatrist Päivi Santalahti +358 40 195 6968

Opening hours

Mon - Thu 08:00 - 16:00
Fri 08:00 - 14:00