The Christmas Path

Check the Events at the Christmas Path

You can check all the Christmas Path events on the Event Calendar.

A continuous event zone, the Christmas Path, can be seen in the city centre during the Christmas season. The City of Turku, some other organizations, and all the more than 300 members of Turun Ydinkeskustayhdistys (Turku nuclear centre association) are participating in the Christmas Path. The Christmas Path goes through the city centre, and along the path there will be light, performances, and events during the entire Christmas season. The Path reaches from the Old Great Square through the entire commercial centre all the way to the Pedestrian Street. The Christmas Path will be opened during the Fairy-tale-like Christmas Opening on November 21, and the theme will last until Epiphany.

Projects during the Christmas season

Along the Christmas Path there will be stages with performances by, for example, the congregations and the primary school students of Turku. These performances are organized on every stage during weekends. Some stages have performances every day. Venues include the Old Great Square, Vähätori Square, Market Square, shopping centre Forum, and shopping centre Hansa.

Child park Leikkilä will operate at shopping centre Forum during the Christmas Path. The Leikkilä child park is organized in co-operation with the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare. The Market Square will be decorated with a Christmas tree and impressive lights for the duration of the Christmas season.

Events on the Path

In addition to the smaller performances along the Christmas Path, there will also be bigger event days. The Fairy-tale-like Christmas Opening will be organized at the Vähätori Square and at Yliopistonkatu on November 21, and it will include the switching on of the decorative lights on the Christmas Street.

A new Finnish national record will be attempted at the Christmas Path on December 5. The goal is to get 1000 citizens wearing Christmas hats at the same time on Yliopistonkatu. On December 12 there will also be a competition where different groups will be performing the musical play Tiernapojat (English: Star Boys), which is a Finnish Christmas tradition. On December 19 there will be a children’s theme day which will show especially as various shows and performances at the Christmas Market at the Market Square.