The city management appeals: Let’s build a good Turku together, for everyone

Throughout its history Turku has been Finland’s gateway to the world. International influences and innovations have come through us and spread to the entire country.

Now the flow of refugees that concerns the whole of Europe also reaches Turku, and cities play a key role in the social integration of immigrants.

It is most important for both Turku as well as the entire Finland that those who will stay permanently in our country can start enjoying normal life – study, work, and social participation – as soon as possible.

Success requires all of us to keep an open mind – and to respect the common principles of the Finnish society.

We remind you that critical questions are allowed and should be voiced, but violence, contempt, and fear must not be given any space. We must keep Turku as a city where everyone can live a good and safe life.

Let’s build the future of Turku together with the new residents – regardless of where the roads that led us to Turku had their beginnings!

Olli A. Manni
The Chairperson of the City Board

Seppo Lehtinen
The Chairperson of the City Council

Aleksi Randell

Photo:  Hannu Waher