City Strategy Turku 2029


Turku is a fascinating and boldly renewing European city of universities and culture that provides the conditions for good life and shared successes.

Operating commitments

Our operating commitments are based on shared values that are important to us:

  • Resident and customer orientation
  • Responsibility and tolerance
  • Regeneration and cooperation

Objectives of the Strategy

  • Prevention of geographical segregation and social exclusion
  • Services by Turku are customer-oriented and broadly available in a digital form.
  • Urban culture and events selection are lively all year round.
  • Turku is Finland’s best student city.
  • City’s economic structure is diverse and the employment situation good.
  • Turku’s transport solutions are convenient and reduced in emissions.
  • Helsinki can be reached from Turku in one hour by train.
  • Turku’s economy is in balance.
  • Turku is carbon neutral in 2029.

Northern Baltic’s most interesting city

Turku will turn respectable 800 years in 2029. This important year has also been chosen as the focal point for examining the City Strategy and Turku’s future. The celebration will agreeably take place in a city that is better managed and participatory, and has a healthy economy.

A City Strategy extending to 2029 has been compiled for Turku in broad cooperation, and it was accepted by Turku City Council on 23 June 2014. The updated version of the City Strategy was accepted by the City Council on 16 April 2018.

City Strategy

The City Strategy is a document resembling the Vision, and it answers to the following questions:

  • What will the city look like in 2029?
  • What essential objectives does the city set for itself?
  • What principals do the City’s staff and elected officials promise to commit to in their operations?

> Turku City Strategy (16 April 2018, pdf)

Strategic programmes

The City Strategy is supported by two strategic programmes:

  • Well-being and activity
  • Competitiveness and sustainable growth

> Strategic programmes (5 May 2018, pdf, in Finnish)

The programmes support the strategic objectives and describe how they can be reached. Furthermore, the chosen spearhead projects are used for investing in the realisation of the most essential objectives regarding the strategy and the renewal of the City’s operating model.

> Spearhead Projects

Monitoring and assessment

The realisation of the objectives regarding the City Strategy are monitored with indicators that illustrate the development of the City’s competitiveness and well-being.

> Monitoring and assessments of the City Strategy (in Finnish)

Actions aligned with the Well-being and activity programme can be followed on the Turku tekee uutta website (in Finnish), and the activities and development work aligned with the Competitiveness and sustainable growth programme on the Turku tekee hyvää website (in Finnish).