Funding programme: Horizon 2020
Budget: Total 17 974 993 €
City of Turku and local consortium: 3 237 000 €

Time table: 2016–2020
Local consortium:
Regional Council of Southwest Finland (Valonia and  Lounaistieto)
Turku University of Applied Sciences
Western Systems Ltd
Turku City Traffic Ltd
Gasum Ltd
Union of Baltic Cities, Sustainable Cities Commission


Site Manager, Stella Aaltonen
+358 44 907 5983, stella.aaltonen(a)

Communications Coordinator, Nuppu Ervasti
+358 40 628 2725, nuppu.ervasti(a)

Turku to become a pioneer in smart mobility

Turku aims to become a carbon-neutral city by 2029, and smart mobility is a key part of this objective. In 2029, mobility will primarily mean walking, cycling, electric public transport and shared use of vehicles. All of these will be developed in CIVITAS ECCENTRIC, an international EU-funded project that was launched at the beginning of September 2016. The project’s functions also support the city’s strategic aims for an attractive Turku.

Turku is Finland’s first CIVITAS city, and it has the framework to develop into a true international model city of sustainable solutions. Financed by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, CIVITAS ECCENTRIC is a four-year project that develops smart mobility. The project aims to develop electric transport, shared use of cars and bicycles, and the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) model. The focus area is Kupittaa.

Other participants in the CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project include Munich, Madrid, Stockholm, Ruse and a large number of other parties (29). Turku’s local partners in the project include the Regional Council of Southwest Finland, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Western Systems Oy, Turku City Traffic Ltd. and Gasum Biovakka Oy. The consortium’s communication is supported by the Sustainable Cities Commission of the Union of the Baltic Cities, hosted by the City of Turku. The financial contribution of Turku and its local partners is significant at roughly EUR 3.2 million for 2016–2020.

Mobility as part of services

The City of Turku plays a key role in CIVITAS ECCENTRIC, as it leads the development of Mobility as a Service in Europe. Turku works in close cooperation with Stockholm in particular. Turku also hopes to involve national companies and authorities in the project in order to strengthen Finland’s position as a pioneer.

The purpose of the Mobility as a Service model is to promote public transport services by developing digital information and payment systems and creating opportunities for local services to be integrated into the service offering, among other means.

Clean public transport

To achieve carbon neutrality, Turku is investing heavily in clean transport solutions by means of electrifying public transport and expanding the use of biofuels, among other things. In CIVITAS ECCENTRIC, Gasum Biovakka Oy test biogas vehicles and increasing the use of biogas in logistics.

The use of clean modes of transport in Turku will improve significantly. The first electric bus line (line 1 Harbour–Airport) and the first public biogas and natural gas filling station in Turku will enter into service in 2016.

Smart transport solutions in the Science Park and Campus area

CIVITAS ECCENTRIC also develops services related to the shared use of bicycles and cars. A mobility point will be opened in Kupittaa that combines public transport with city bicycles and cars that are intended for shared use.

The project will also include developing the conditions for walking and cycling by researching and testing cycling under winter conditions and paying attention to the safety of the bicycle path network, among other things. The aim is to improve the connections between the Science Park and Campus area and Kupittaa-Itäharju with cycling and walking routes.

The Kupittaa-Itäharju area is also being developed under the Baltic Urban Lab project (BUL). BUL is working to create methods for involving the different interest groups in the area, such as residents, companies and universities, in urban planning.

Building an attractive Turku

The city’s employees will soon become familiar with electric bicycles and cars, as CIVITAS ECCENTRIC is launching a campaign for clean modes of transport. These modes of transport will also be tested within the different units of the city. 

CIVITAS ECCENTRIC is closely tied to Turku’s three strategic spearhead projects: the Campus and Science Park in the Kupittaa area, the development of the city centre and the digitalisation of the city’s services.

CIVITAS ECCENTRIC provides an opportunity to create new types of cooperation between universities, companies and other actors, and thereby create a world-class smart and emission-free mobility system in Turku.




Site Manager, Stella Aaltonen
+358 44 907 5983, stella.aaltonen(a)

Communications Coordinator, Nuppu Ervasti
+358 40 628 2725, nuppu.ervasti(a)