Employment Services

The Employment Services Centre of Turku City:

Open: Mon-Fri 9.00-14.00

P. +358 (0)2 262 5072

Linnankatu 55 J (3rd floor)

Looking for a job?

The Employment Services Centre offers guidance and advice for young and long-term unemployed to help them find employment. Services are based on personal guidance with the aim of charting the initial situation, needs, wishes and goals. A personal employment plan will be made based on the assessment.

Services of the Employment Services Centre are primarily intended for unemployed persons who have raised Labour Market Subsidy for over 300 days. TE Services is responsible for other unemployed persons. Turku City Employment Services Centre serves only Turku residents.

The objective of the services is to help customers find employment from businesses, organizations or the city. The process may include updating the customer’s know-how, determining medical condition, assessing work ability, improving life management skills, or rehabilitation.