Acknowledgement and Grant for new Sinettiseura Members

Forms and instructions in Finnish

Contact person

Sports Secretary Päivi Matilainen

Nuori Suomi ry (the present Olympiakomitea ry) developed the Sinettiseura emblem, a quality standard for sports and exercise clubs and associations, in the beginning of 1990s. A club’s activities must meet 12 different criteria in order to receive the Sinettiseura emblem. The aim is to receive two new Sinettiseura members from Turku each year.

The acknowledgement/grant is given to clubs and associations that receive the Sinettiseura emblem during the current year.

Application period

The club or association must inform the Sports Services Centre when receiving the Sinettiseura emblem.

The deadline for informing the Sports Services Centre is 15 November 2018.

Conditions of eligibility

The acknowledgement/grant can be applied for during the current calendar year by Turku-based sports and exercise clubs that have received the Sinettiseura emblem from Valo ry / Nuori Suomi ry and who have not yet previously received the acknowledgement.

The acknowledgement/grant is granted only to clubs and associations that receive the Sinettiseura emblem for the first time (the grant does not apply to clubs who have renew their emblems).