Grant for Training Coaches, Instructors and Clerical Workers

Forms and instructions in Finnish

Contact person

Sports Secretary Päivi Matilainen

This grant is meant to support the training of coaches, instructors and clerical workers at home and abroad. The grant is for sports and exercise clubs, special groups, and associations of pensioners or immigrants that organize sports or exercise.

Application period

Applications are processed once per year. Deadline: 31st of October

Conditions of eligibility

The grant can be applied for by Turku-based sports and exercise clubs and organizations, as well as associations that organize sports and exercise for special groups, pensioners, and immigrants.

How to apply:

Please note that the grant application system, instructions, and forms are in Finnish!

1. Read the user instructions of the grant system: Instructions how to apply grants (in Finnish)

2. Fill in the application form online at

3. Attach the receipts for the acceptable costs to your application.

4. NB! Estimate the costs of November and December. They will be paid in advance in case you cannot attach receipts during the application period.