Operational Grants for Sports Clubs

The grant supports sports and exercise clubs' regular hobby, training and competing activity.

Application period

The application period will open again at the end of April 16.–30.4.2018 for those who haven’t applied for an Operational grant for a sport club by 28.2.2018.

Conditions of eligibility

The grant can be applied for by Turku -based sports and exercise clubs

  • that have sports and exercise activities as their main focus
  • that organize regular sports or exercise activities at least for three months and regular sports or exercise activities are at least once per week

How to apply:

Please note that the grant application system, instructions, and forms are in Finnish!

1. Read the user instructions for the grant system: Instructions how to apply grants (in Finnish)

2. Fill in the application form online at lomakkeet.turku.fi.

3. Attach the following documents that have been approved by the club or association to the application:
- budget estimate
- action plan
- annual report
- financial statement (profit and loss account and balance sheet) from the previous term
- performance audit/auditor’s report
- the rules of the association (new applicants or if there have been changes made to the rules)
- name list of sports or exercise groups

   (model for name list)

Start-up grant for new clubs

Start-up grants are granted for sports and exercise clubs
that have started their activities during the current or previous year and to which the general operational grant does not apply.

The Sports Committee grants these clubs a possible start-up funding max. 200€ / club.

Start-up grants are applied for with the same application form and by the same deadline as the operational grant.