Personal Assistant Grant

Forms and instructions in Finnish

Contact person

Sport service correspondent Marianna Ylinampa

The personal assistant grant is meant to support and encourage clubs and associations to include persons of special needs, young and old alike, in their activities.

Application period

Applications are processed once a year.

Deadline: 15th of November

Conditions of eligibility

The grant can be applied for by sports and exercise clubs as well as associations that organize sports and exercise as long as they are based in Turku.

Determining criteria

Special support groups are meant for persons who cannot participate in generally available sports or exercise without a personal assistant due to a disability, illness, or decreased ability to function, and whose training requires special application and know-how.

Persons needing special support include chronically ill persons, such as physically or intellectually disabled persons, persons with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, ADHD, autism, or specific language impairment.

The amount of the grant depends on the category of need for assistance. A specific sum has been assigned for each category. The amount does not depend on the size of the group or the amount of training sessions per week, but every group must meet the minimum requirements set for the category.

The grant is distributed once a year.

How to apply:

Please note that the grant application system, instructions, and forms are in Finnish!

1. Read the user instructions of the grant system: Instructions how to apply grants (in Finnish)

2. Fill in the application form online at