Subsidies and Grants for Culture

Each year, the City of Turku Cultural Committee allocates approximately EUR 1.2 million in subsidies and grants.

The subsidies can be applied for by Turku-based associations and working groups. The main focus is on supporting the work of professionals, but some of the subsidies are also allocated to supporting recreational activities. The grants are intended for Turku-based professional artists. Subsidies and grants are provided for the production of artistic content.

The annual application period is in October. An application for a subsidy or grant may be submitted in Finnish or Swedish. Applications for subsidies and grants are submitted through the electronic system. Applicants must answer all questions set out in the application form. All required attachments must also be submitted.

Applicants who have received a subsidy or grant must submit a report on the use of the subsidy or grant to the Cultural Committee. The report must be submitted through the electronic system.

Associations and working groups may apply for subsidies in five categories:

1. Operating subsidies for art and cultural institutions (for those who have signed an agreement)

1 a. Operating subsidy

1 b. Basic art education

2. Operating subsidies for cultural and art communities

3. Subsidies for cultural recreational activities

4. Project subsidies

5. Project subsidies for promoting participation, communality and well-being

Actors who have signed an agreement (category 1) include Turku-based associations for professional artists as well as cultural institutions which have shown their operations to be an established part of the city’s field of cultural production, which support professionals in finding employment and which help to bring visibility to the work of professionals. Other associations and working groups may apply for operating subsidies in category 2. The subsidies for basic art education (category 1 b) are intended for actors who have signed an agreement and whose curriculum has been approved by the Cultural Committee.

The subsidies for recreational activities in category 3 are intended for Turku-based recreational associations and working groups working in the field of art and culture who produce public events in Turku.

The project subsidies in category 4 are intended for Turku-based artist groups for the implementation of new and innovative projects. The subsidy is granted only once and it is primarily intended for professional groups.

The project subsidies in category 5 are intended for Turku-based associations and working groups for projects that aim to promote participation, communality, well-being or social equality by means of art and culture. The subsidy is intended for professionals.

Personal grants may be applied for in two categories:

6. Art grants

7. Aboa grant

The personal grants in category 6 are intended for Turku-based professional artists, regardless of their field of art. The allocation principles for the grants are professionalism, artistic grounds and evidence of prior artistic work.

Each year, the Aboa grant, which is a one-year operating grant, is awarded to one Turku-based professional artist, regardless of their field. The grant amount varies from year to year according to the amount confirmed by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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