Project Grants of the Youth Committee

Forms & instructions in Finnish

Nuorisolautakunnan projektiavustushakemus (pdf)

Nuorisolautakunnan projektiavustusselvitys (pdf)

Additional information

Executive Manager Pirjo Lehtinen

The project grants are meant for the financial support of free youth activity groups and youth activities organized by the youths themselves. Examples of such activities are camps and any other functions realized and organized by young persons that support the participation and influencing of the youth.

A precondition for granting financial assistance is that at least two thirds of the members of the youth organisations and the youth activity groups are under the age of 29.

Project grants can be applied for twice a year

1. By the end of January (mainly for projects realized during the first half of the year). In 2016 by February 1, 16.00, via

2. By May 15 (mainly for projects realized during the latter half of the year)

Project grants are granted for youth activities for such youth organizations and youth activity groups that do not receive activity or agreement based funding from the Youth Committee.

Groups that receive grants may also be youth groups that operate in connection with adult organizations.