Contact your health station electronically

Complete a symptom assessment in Omaolo:

Could you not find the right symptom assessment for you? You can complete the general symptom assessment

Log in to health care e-Services

New client (resident of Turku above the age of 18)
Sign the agreement to use the health care e-services when you log in for the first time.

New client acting on behalf of someone else (also the transactions of minors and people from other municipalities)

Return the filled form to one of the Welfare Division’s service locations of the City of Turku.

The Omaolo digital service

  • Health stations in Turku use the free-of-charge national digital service Omaolo.
  • The service is intended for people over the age of 16.
  • You can use it to assess your need for care.
  • After identifying with the service, you will receive guidance specific to your situation. Your may be instructed to treat yourself at home according to instructions, contact your health station electronically or contact the local emergency services immediately.
  • You can complete a symptom or service assessment at any time, health care professionals will process assessments Mon–Fri 8 am–3 pm (excluding public holidays).
  • To view the instructions issued to you, remember to log in to the service again.
  • Health station services, such as doctor’s and physiotherapist’s appointments, are subject to customer fees.

Please note! If you need a sick leave certificate or a certificate for caring for a sick child or you need to cancel your appointment, call your local health station or office.

City of Turku electronic services: health care e-Services

You can take care of your own or your family’s health matters through the health care e-Services:

  • book new appointments
  • cancel or postpone booked appointments
  • contact a health station doctor
  • receive laboratory test results
  • view your own health information.

Log in using your online banking credentials or a mobile certificate. The service is free of charge.