Latest information about City of Turku COVID-19 vaccinations will be updated on this page. (Updated on 7.5.2021)

Booking vaccination appointments 

    People over 56 years and people who belong to a medical risk group 1 or 2 (18-69) can book online here 

    Book by phone (Finnish, Swedish, English):
    City of Turku COVID-19 vaccination helpline, tel. +358 2 266 0159  (on weekdays from 8 am to 2 pm)

    • If you are aged between 16 and 17 and belong to a medical risk group you have to book your time by telephone.
    • Robot sends residents aged 55 COVID-19 vaccination appointments by SMS. 

    Cancelling the appointment

    If the time of vaccination appointment is not suitable and you need to cancel it, you can choose one of these two methods: 

    1. By calling the City of Turku COVID-19 vaccination helpline, tel. +358 2 266 0159 (open Mon-Fri between 8 am and 2 pm). Leave a voice mail message including your name, date of birth and the vaccination appointment you wish to cancel. You can call 24/7 to leave a voice mail message.

    After cancellation, can you book a new vaccination appointment online or you can call the City of Turku COVID-19 vaccination helpline, tel. +358 2 266 0159, open Mon-Fri between 8 am and 2 pm. If you have cancelled a time for second dose you have to book a new time by phone.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Vaccination news

    • This week the City of Turku has launched a new site where Turku residents over the age of 18 and those living in Turku can register for getting their first COVID-19 vaccine. The appointments are sent via SMS in May-August 2021, starting from the oldest age group. Register to get vaccinated for COVID-19 – City of Turku
    • This week we are vacciating people over 56 and people belonging to the 1. and 2. medical risk group. Booking vaccination appointments is open for people aged over 56 and the 1. and 2. medical risk group aged 16-69.
    • Robot sends residents aged 55 COVID-19 vaccination appointments by SMS.  If you are between 56 and 59and have not gotten a COVID-19 vaccination appointment by SMS, please book yourself an appointment online at or call the City of Turku COVID-19 vaccination helpline, tel. +358 2 266 0159.  (on weekdays from 8 am to 2 pm)
    • All time slots in online booking are with mRNA vaccines (Comiarty or Moderna vaccine). For people over the age of 65, the second dose is always administered with the same vaccine as the first dose.If you are under the age of 65, belong to a risk group, and received the AstraZeneca vaccination as your first dose, your second dose will be the Comirnaty or Moderna vaccine. 
    • The current understanding is that the immunity after COVID-19 lasts for 6 months, so the coronavirus vaccination is not recommended until at least six months after the infection.

    Select your age group below to find more information about COVID-19 vaccinations:

     How vaccinations will proceed in Turku 

    Vaccination statistics in Turku on 3 May 2021: 58 978 Turku residents (35,0% overall) have received the first vaccine dose and 8553 Turku residents have received both doses.

    Timetable updated 6.5.2021

    Groups to be vaccinated Schedule 
    Staff and residents of housing services for the elderly and units of institutional care  The second vaccination round ongoing
    Customers of home careThe second vaccination round ongoing
    Social and health care professionals working in tasks related to coronavirus The second vaccination round ongoing
    Critical professionals working in social and health care Ongoing 
    Extensive vaccination of population Different groups are vaccinated concurrently with different vaccines.
    Groups to be vaccinated Schedule 
    People aged 65 or older Ongoing
    People aged between 56 and 64Vaccination appointments by SMS to people aged 55
    Medical risk groups 1. (16-69 years)Ongoing 
    Medical risk groups 2. (16-69 years)Ongoing 
    Extensive vaccination of the population New website for registration will open on the week 18

    Further information about coronavirus vaccinations: