Latest information about City of Turku COVID-19 vaccinations will be updated on this page. (Updated on 25.2.2021)

Booking vaccination appointments 

You can book a time is you belong to one of these groups:

You can book online here:

Book by phone: City of Turku COVID-19 vaccination helpline, tel. +358 2 266 0159  (on weekdays from 8 am to 2 pm)

The link for booking vaccination appointments is the same for everyone. The booking system identifies the person’s age on the basis of birthday. At the time of vaccination, people who belong to a medical risk group must be prepared to justify their belonging to a risk group. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • New hotline opens 18.2. You can book your time slot through City of Turku COVID-19 vaccination helpline, tel. +358 2 266 0159  (on weekdays from 8 am to 2 pm) . They will also help you if you have questions.
  • At the moment, people aged over 80 (New time slots) and people in medical risk group 1 who are aged between 18 and 69 (New time slots) are being vaccinated in Turku. Vaccination appointments can be booked either through the online booking system or by calling the coronavirus helpline.
  • Vaccinations of people aged between 70 and 79 have not started yet. This is because according to national regulations, Astra Zeneca vaccine should only be given to people aged under 70.
  • Turku residents aged over 85 will be contacted from health stations by phone and they are personally invited to vaccinations.(New time slots)

Select your age group below to find more information about COVID-19 vaccinations:

This table allows you to keep track of how vaccinations will proceed in Turku. (25.2.)

Groups to be vaccinated Schedule 
Staff and residents of housing services for the elderly and units of institutional care Completed for the part of the first vaccine dose. 
Customers of home care and other elderly people in high-risk groups Ongoing 
Social and health care professionals working in tasks related to coronavirus Completed for the part of the first vaccine dose.
Critical professionals working in social and health care Ongoing 
Extensive vaccination of population Different groups are vaccinated concurrently with different vaccines.* 
Groups to be vaccinated Schedule 
People aged 85 or olderOngoing (personal vaccine invite by phone, schedule depends on availability of vaccines arriving in Turku)
People aged 80 or older Ongoing
People aged 70 or older Estimated to begin in March-April (time slots not yet available for booking)
Medical risk groups 1. (18-69 years)Ongoing
Medical risk groups 2. (18-69 years)Estimated to begin in March (time slots not yet available for booking)
Extensive vaccination of the population Estimated to begin during spring (time slots not yet available for booking)

* provided that a larger number of vaccines will be available in Turku

Please note! Estimations may change depending on the availability of vaccines. In accordance with national regulations, Astra Zeneca vaccine will only be given to people aged between 18 and 69.

  • The progression of vaccinations and the beginning of mass vaccinations for the elderly will be communicated once the schedule becomes more specified. Information channels will include the media, newspaper ads, the City of Turku website and social channels. For coronavirus vaccinations, the City of Turku will take example of last year’s vaccinations against influenza in the Turku Fair Center, which went very well. 
  • The national extending of the gap between the first and second dose of COVID-19 vaccine to 12 weeks will apply to everyone from week 6 onwards. Find out more about the impact in Turku (in finnish). More info ot the extended gap can be found from THL site Read more from THL site. 

Further information about coronavirus vaccinations: