Cultural Promise

Turku`s common Cultural Promise: A Time of Art and Culture! is a strategic and visionary outlook for the development of culture in Turku until 2029. The cultural promise serves as the basis for a Cultural spearhead project.  

The aim of the spearhead project is to develop and promote the preconditions for the arts and culture in Turku in cooperation with actors in the field. At the same time, it supports the well-being of the citizens and the vitality of the area.  

Key aspects of the Cultural Promise: 

  • happy citizens of Turku  
  • art and culture as occupation 
  • limitless structures  
  • renewable and creative meeting spaces  
  • inviting and titillating cultural events 

The content of the Cultural Promise was produced as an inclusive process during the autumn season 2021. It involved arts, culture and other interested parties such as businesses, representatives of associations and students as well as residents. It is our hope that more actors will be involved in the implementation of the promise. We will continue the work together! 

The cultural promise: Time for Art and Culture! (pdf)

Further information: Project director Irina Niemimäki

Cultural spearhead project

Project Director Irina Niemimäki

Project Manager Heli Lempa / Cultural well-being

Project Manager Heidi Pulkkinen / Cultural work

Project Manager Julia Chir / Cultural vitality