Cultural Spearhead Project

Cultural spearhead project

The foundation for the spearhead project is formed by the Cultural Promise produced through an inclusive collaborative process and the subprojects derived from it:

Project Director Irina Niemimäki

Spearhead projects of the City of Turku

The Cultural spearhead project is one of the strategic spearhead projects of the City of Turku. The purpose of the project is to develop and promote the operational preconditions for art and culture in Turku in cooperation with the actors in the field. At the same time, the project supports the well-being of the citizens and the vitality of the region.  

The basis for the Cultural spearhead project is the Cultural Promise approved by the City Board in spring 2022. Product of an extensively inclusive process, Cultural Promise is a strategic and visionary perspective for the development of culture in the City of Turku. It encompasses five key themes and their respective objectives, which are turned into action through the Cultural spearhead project. 

The Cultural spearhead project contributes to the concretization of the cultural items included in the Mayor's programme's while simultaneously strengthening the city's statutory tasks in the spirit of the Act on Cultural Activities in Local Government.   

Illustrations for the Cultural Promise: Sade Lahti

Well-being, work, and vitality

The Cultural spearhead project has been divided into three subprojects: Well-being from culture, Work from culture and Vitality from culture. In the Well-being from culture subproject, the focus is on cultural well-being, inclusion, and regional cooperation. The Work from culture subproject aims at promoting the operational preconditions, structures, and cooperation in the field of art and culture. The Vitality from culture subproject in turn will be implemented in cooperation with the Development of the city centre spearhead project.

The Cultural spearhead project is an ongoing process with predefined action plans that are specified annually. The actions taken in the subprojects overlap with several key themes and objectives of the spearhead projects, which is why there is extensive cooperation between the subprojects. Many of the actions also intersect with those of the other spearhead projects of the city.