Affordable for Students

Check the latest recommendations and restrictions related to coronavirus in Turku

You can get student discounts, for example, in the following locations:

Turku Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Tickets to concerts on the same day: 4,50 € / ticket
  • Student tickets reserved beforehand: prices from 10,50 € / ticket

Turku City Theatre

  • Student discount prices for most shows (all shows are in Finnish)
  • On weekdays (Mon–Thu) tickets to shows on the same day 10 € / ticket, if there is room in the auditorium (the discount covers all of Turku City Theatre's own shows).
  • Also check the discounts for regular student customers (in Finnish)

Turku City Museums


Student prices: 

Seasonprice 60 € / 6 months:

  • Impivaara and Petrelius swimming pool and gym
  • Kupittaa and Samppalinna outdoor swimming pool
  • Kupittaa Sports Hall and gym
  • Paattinen Community Centre och Varissuo Ice Hall gyms
  • Parkki outdoor ice rink

Exercise wristband 24 € / 10 entries (excluding Impivaara)

Exercise wristband to Impivaara 40  € / 10 entries 

Single ticket 3,50–5,50 €.
Impivaara cross country ski rental 3 € / set (not incl. seasonprice)
Kupittaa skating rink 3 € / set (not incl. seasonprice)

Turku City Library

  • Turku Main Library has spacious and bright facilities for studying.
  • You can read Finnish and foreign magazines, access the internet, and borrow exam books.


  • In the house of art and activities for the youth you can, for example, do handicrafts and hone your media skills.

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