Youth International Activity

Additional information

Marika Gustafsson, supervisor
multicultural and international activities
tel. +358 040 137 3226

Through Youth Services young persons can go to Europe to do voluntary service, and European young persons can come to Turku, respectively.

A young person can participate in

  • European youth projects
  • international youth exchanges
  • seminars and events
  • ERASMUS and Youth in Action programmes

Support for immigrants and organizations in

  • meeting of cultures (various encounters and conflict situations)
  • dealing with authorities (for example with KELA)
  • organising different events and training

Talking about negative phenomena, such as discrimination, racism, and violations of physical integrity, is also part of the operations. Young persons will learn how they should react to such things, how to get help, and how important it is to go against these things.

One of the objectives of Turku Youth Services is to promote international youth activity.

In order to achieve the objectives of international activities, Turku Youth Services co-operates with associations, twin cities, partner organizations and the EU’s Youth in Action programme.