Accessibility statement for Turku museums' web service Hellewi

This accessibility statement applies to Turku City's web service Hellewi. The web page's address is

The Status of Web Accessibility of the Digital Service

The web service functions under the law of providing accessible online content (WCAG). The providers evaluate the accessibility of the service themselves.

The Non-Accessible Content of the Digital Service (according to the criteria of WCAG)

The content mentioned below does not yet meet all of the statutory accessibility requirements.

  • If the event's calendar is published, the "show calendar" -functions line spacing is too narrow.
  • The line spacing in Event listings and search results is too narrow.
  • The cart expiring and emptying gives an unnecessary pop-up with the same content as when the cart expires.
  • Some buttons do not have a description for their function.
  • When selecting "add to cart", the button only displays the phrase "to cart".
  • If adding multiples of the same products to the cart is possible, the description of selecting the amount is not clear enough.
  • The cart is missing headers.
  • On occasion, some event's properties shatter the web page's layout in the browser (pc/tablet/mobile), without technical notification.
    • Event lists: if the price categories are long and if there are five or more price categories. Event lists: if there are 15 or more subcategories.
    • The Cart: if a single event application makes it possible to apply to other events, is above ten.

The following errors have been detected with the screen reader:

  • There are no jump links, so the user needs to go through the web page header and navigation panel to reach other content.
  • On the front page the text refers to the left side of the screen, but with a screen reader or another device, the left doesn't exist, or the content is placed elsewhere. Hence the text should not claim that something is "on the left".
  • There are two h1 headers on the front page and shopping cart. There should only be one h1 header on each page.
  • In the "information about event" section, those who use screen readers are transferred to the additional info about the event and choosing the amount of tickets, before knowing the price points.
  • The event and additional info minus-button is a link, but it isn't informed about anywhere.
  • The web address' feedback link and the link to the register statement should appear as a link in plain language, rather than as a url code.
  • On the event page the screen reader gets stuck on the Twitter share icon.
  • The "location" link in "additional info" does not lead anywhere; despite it's described as a link.
  • Screen readers or people with weak sight aren't informed of the booking timer counts down constantly.
  • The link "application advice" isn't mentioned as a link.
  • The different language options, Swedish is read well but the user interference terms or e.g. blank rows are read in Finnish.
  • The shopping pages light blue background colour and white text are not accessible.
  • The same page's brown text on a light yellow background or the same text on a green background fulfils the contrast requirements, if the text is big or bolded.

Correcting deficiencies

The deficiencies in the new service will be fixed when the new user interference is put into use at the Museum Centre of Turku, in the beginning of year 2021.

Did you notice a problem in the web accessibility of our digital service?

Please tell us about it and we will do our best to fix the problem. 

You may use this digital form to report accessibility problems, link will open in a new window

Supervisory Authority

If you notice any problem in the web accessibility of the website, please first give feedback to us as the site provider. Please note that it may take 14 days to get an answer. If you are not happy with the answer you have received or you do not get any answer in the period of two weeks, you can make AVI Southern Finland a request for accessibility. Please learn on the website of AVI Southern Finland how to do a request and how the matter will be treated (in Finnish).

Contact Information of the Supervisory Authority

AVI Southern Finland

Web Accessibility Unit (in Finnish and Swedish)

Switchboard number 0295 016 000

We are committed to improving the accessibility of digital service

The accessibility know-how of the City of Turku’s employees is being developed in a systematic and purposeful manner. The City’s framework agreement suppliers of accessibility-related services assessed the City’s current online services. Based on the assessment, accessibility will be improved to the level required by law. Accessibility will be taken into account in the development and procurement of new online services. Accessibility training is organised for all parties who participate in developing online services and producing content for them. The City has an on-going project for fulfilling the requirements of the Act on the Provision of Digital Services.

The Citizen Services Points of the City of Turku offer support to users who cannot access the digital services

Other than digitally, you may purchase museum entry tickets at the ticket office at every museum:

  • Pharmacy Museum and Qwensel House, Läntinen Rantakatu 13, tel. 02 262 0280,
  • Biological Museum, Neitsytpolku 1, tel. 02 262 0340,
  • Kylämäki Village of Living History, Jaanintie 45, tel. 02 620 420,
  • Luostarinmäki, Vartiovuorenkatu 2, tel. 02 620 350,
  • Turun Castle, Linnankatu 80, tel. 02 262 0300,
  • WAM Turku City Art Museum, Itäinen Rantakatu 38, tel. 02 620 850,
  • Brinkala Mansion, Vanha Suurtori 3, tel. 040 661 4778.

Additional digital aid from Turku City:

  • Monitori Skanssi (Skanssinkatu 10, 20730 Turku)
  • Monitori Market Square (Aurakatu 8, 20100 Turku)

Updating the accessibility statement

When website technology or content changes, its accessibility must be ensured through constant monitoring and periodic checks. This statement will be updated in conjunction with website changes and accessibility evaluations.

The date on which this website/application has been published 2.12.2020.