Natural science collection

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The Turku Museum Centre has an extensive natural science collection, which the Turku Biological Museum is responsible for. The collection includes around 1200 samples of vertebrates, namely birds and mammals, and around 12 000 samples of invertebrates. Additionally, the collection has a few thousand wildlife photographs, received mainly as donations from hobbyists.

The collection also includes some egg and plant samples. The vertebrate samples are mostly stuffed animals the museum has commissioned or received as donations. This collection of stuffed animals is no longer actively expanded, but donations are still accepted.

The collection of invertebrates includes insects collected by the Museum Centre and insect collections received by donation. The most notable donations have been the Soini collection and the Vastamäki collections. The first includes native butterflies. The Vastamäki collection consists mostly of tropical insects. It is on display in the Biological Museum.