Aarne Ehojoki: Turku War Veterans’ Statue

Aarne Ehojoki: Turku War Veterans' Statue

  • 1992
  • grey granite, bronze
  • Samppalinna park

Turun sotaveteraanien muistomerkki (Turku War Veterans’ Statue) by Aarne Ehojoki (1913-1998) was acquired through the cooperation between Finnish war veteran organisations. The sculpture was financed through a nationwide fundraising campaign in 1992 and unveiled the same year.

Ehojoki was a prolific architecture from Turku. He also designed the granite base and stone steps for the bust of Field Marshal C.G.E. Mannerheim opposite Michael’s Church in Turku. The oak leaf on the granite pillar of Turun sotaveteraanien muistomerkki is the veterans’ symbol representing resilience and strength.