Karin Widnäs: Kimono

Karin Widnäs: Kimono

  • 2011
  • high-fired ceramics
  • location: Läntinen Rantakatu, wastewater treatment station pipe

The work Kimono by Karin Widnäs (b. 1946) was revealed on the opening day of the Turku Capital of Culture year on 15 January 2011. The work is formed of special bricks shaped like Japanese kimonos, built in a wastewater treatment station pipe. The mould of the bricks has been prepared on the basis of the artist’s plaster mould at the ceramics factory of IDO.

The kimono shaped bricks surround the pipe in a group of 18 in a way that it looks as though tiny figures hold each other’s hands, dancing in a circle. A total of 18 circles of kimonos have been placed one on top of another.

The piece Kimono decorates a place that would not necessarily be considered aesthetic otherwise. The bricks have been lighted so that in winter time, the artwork slowly changes colour during the course of the day: a blue colour emerges at 5 p.m., a purple colour at 11 p.m. and a pink colour of dawn at 3 a.m. An air filter has been placed under the artwork to eliminate odour caused by the wastewater treatment plant.

The works of ceramicist Karin Widnäs combine aesthetics and function, ceramics and architecture. Widnäs also makes utility and art ceramics.

Photo: TMK/Raakkel Närhi