Camping ground Vienola


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Prices and Instructions

Map of the Vienola area


Vienola campground is owned by the City of Turku and located in Rymättylä, Naantali, by the sea. The size of the area is 4.8 hectares. The cabin (82 m²) can accommodate 18 people.

In addition, there is a beach kitchen and a roofed place for diners in the area. There are also two brews in the area. Vienola is particularly well suited for arranging camp schools and smaller parties as well as for friends to spend the weekend in. The camp site Vienola cannot be reserved from 1 Sebtember to 31 December 2019 because the accommodation premises are being renovated.

Cottage equipment 

  • running water
  • refrigerator and freezer
  • Two coffee makers
  • Two thermos (3 l) kettle
  •  Microwave , electric stove and convection oven
  •  Drying cabinet
  • Mattresses, pillows and blankets on bunk beds, bring your own sheets!
  • Toilet
  • Sauna, showers and changing rooms

The following facilities in the area

  • a soccer field
  • a volleyball field
  • basketball baskets
  • two rowing boats
  • two two-man canoes
  • two SUP bords, undet 70 kg and ovet 70 kg
  • Frisbee golf course, class C1
  • beach kichen with refridgerator, running water and wood stove
  • roofed place for about 180 diners
  • two barbecuea areas
  • four outdoor toilets

Visiting address: 

Peltolantie 211
21140 Naantali


+358 2 262 3112