Tippsund Campground - Taivassalo


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Prices and instructions

Driving instructions

  • From Turku via Kustavintie approx. 60 km to Taivassalo church
  • Turn left from the church to Hakkeenpääntie
  • Drive approx. 6 km, turn right to Leikluoto
  • 2 km to Pinonperä bridge and via Kahiluodontie to the camping area
Visiting address: 
Kahiluodontie 386
23310 Taivassalo


+358 2 262 3112

Tippsund youth campground is located in Taivassalo by the sea. The area is well suited for camps, school trips and education activities.

There are 8 cabins in the area with accommodation for 6 persons in each, so there are mattresses, blankets and pillows (but no bedlinens!) for 48 people altogether.

Please note!

  • no running water
  • no indoor toilets, outhouses are located near the cabins

Maintenance building / dining hall equipment:

  • seats for 100 people
  • social welfare facilities
  • accommodations for two people
  • a coffee maker
  • a microwave oven
  • a dishwasher
  • a fridge-freezer
  • a TV
  • a CD player
  • a billiard table
  • indoor toilets
  • a large terrace with a sea view!

Hint: The maintenance building can also be used for education activities.


  • a sauna for 8 people located on the shore
  • the size of the camping area is 11.2 hectares
  • a court where it is possible to play e.g. volleyball, soccer or basketball.
  • campfire spots
  • rowing boats, a canoe, and life vests