The rock hill of Nunnavuori rises to the height of over 63 metres and is located between Runosmäki residential area and Impivaara Sports Centre. From the top of the hill opens a grand view to south and south-west over Turku City. A fitness trail circles around the lower slopes of the hill. Nunnavuori is mainly dry boreal forest. The southern sweet-grass (Hierochloë australis) is a specialty of the area and it grows in patches on the western slope of the hill.

On top of the Nunnavuori hill is a nature reserve less than a hectare in size. The main object of protection is a boulder field, ‘pirunpelto’, created by the development of the Baltic Sea. It is also possible to see signs of later development stages of the Baltic Sea on the slopes of the Nunnavuori hill, like the Litorina Sea rocky shores in some places.