The Pomponrahka area consists of the northern Isosuo bog and the southern Pomponrahka bog. The area is part of the national Mire Conservation Programme.

The bogs are known for their rich butterfly fauna. Some extremely rare butterfly species found on the area are the ‘karjalanallaskehrääjä’ or ‘suovenhokas’ (Nora karelica), the light orange underwing (Archiearis notha), and the Rannoch brindled beauty (Lycia lapponaria). There are also rare spiders and Heteroptera bugs in the area. Over a third of the 600 spider species met in Finland can be found in Pomponrahka.

Pomponrahka can be reached most easily via Vahdontie, from which a road leads to the parking lot on the south-western side of the bog area. A signposted path starts form the parking lot and continues as a duckboarded route to the bog. Also the Runosmäki fitness path connects with the Pomponrahka route through the walk bridge over the Turku bypass.