Ingegerdinpuisto – Ingegerd Park

Ingegerdinpuisto is located in the Räntämäki district, surrounded by one-family houses. The plan for Ingegerdinpuisto was drawn up by Turku City Planner Irma Rytkölä in 1990. What is special about the park considering the Finnish circumstances is the massive shaping of the landscape and terrain. A land mass was left over from the construction of the nearby student apartments of the Student Village Foundation, and four mounds were formed from the land mass on a field. The mounds are approximately 3-4 metres high and 50-70 metres long, and they look like a four-leaf clover from above.

The vegetation in the park is versatile. Many plants have been used experimentally in the park – many rare trees can be found, such as Manchurian cherries (Prunus maackii) and Loimaa birches (Betula pendula f. crispa). There are over a hundred arboreal plant species, such as Vilmorin’s rowan (Sorbus vilmorinii C.K. Schneid), choke cherry (Prunus virginiana), European black pine (Pinus nigra), Veitch’s silver fur (Abies veitchii), and ‘Laciniata’ variant of common adler (Alnus glutinosa ‘Laciniata’). On the mounds of the park there are large clusters of Sargent crabapple (Malus toringo var. sargentii), rugosa rose (Rosa rugosa), burnet rose ‘Poppius’ (Rosa pimpinellifolia ‘Poppius’), and black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa). There are also two species-rich beds of perennial plants.

The park is great for playing and exercise, because in addition to the playground surrounded by ample plantings there are also a soccer field and a volleyball court in the area. In winter the soccer field is frozen and used as an ice skating rink and the mounds in the park work as excellent sledding hills.

The name of the park comes from a 13th century tombstone that has been attached to the wall of the nearby St Mary’s Church.

Surface area: 2.7 hectares

Maintenance classification: A3 Recreation and protective green area. Recreation and protective green areas are located in residential areas and close to traffic. The aim of the maintenance is to keep an overall parklike appearance and to ensure the space is conducive to outdoor recreation.

Ingegerdinpuisto on a map