Lönnrotinpuisto – Lönnrot Park

Lönnrotinpuisto is located in the Turku City Centre between Aninkaistenkatu, Eerikinkatu, and the Aura River.

After the Great Fire of Turku in 1827 the place was known as Heinätori square. After the conflagration, many trees were planted with the purpose of cutting off a possible fire. The new streets were wide and trees were planted also along the riverfront so that a fire would not spread over the river. In 1861 trees were planted on the edges of the Heinätori square. The species, height, and planting distance of the trees were strictly defined. Lime trees were planted in the middle of the area the following year. At the end of the decade a plan by City Gardener Gauffin was realized, according to which the Heinätori part of Läntinen Rantakatu, which stretched all the way to Multavierunkatu at the time, was transformed into a promenade. The square grew slightly and the tree selection of the park was improved by adding new species. The surface area of the park nearly tripled with the remodelling and comprised the area from Aninkaistenkatu, Eerikinkatu, and Multavierunkatu to the Aura riverfront.

After the remodelling the name ‘Heinätori’ (‘hay market’) seemed unsuitable as the hay trade had gradually moved to the upper side of Aleksanterintori square. The name ‘Lönnrotinpuisto’ was used for Heinätori for the first time by the Planting Committee in 1892. The name was confirmed in the finance department of the senate in 1896. In 1904 a public toilet was built in the corner of the park at Aninkaistenkatu and Eerikinkatu. Forty-seven bushes were planted around the toilet. In the same year a rose bed was planted in the middle of the park and two years later some summer flowers were planted and maintained until 1917. Perennial plants were planted in the park in 1926, until after three years summer flowers were planted again. Around one thousand summer flowers were used every year at least until 1932. In 1938 the City Council approved the construction drawings for a petrol station that would be located in Lönnrotinpuisto. The station was built in the upper corner of the park, where a Gulf’s station operated at least during the 1940s. Apparently in the 1950s an electrical switchboard was built in the park and disguised as a bandstand. It is possible to deduce from old photos that as late as the 1970s there were many more trees in the park than today. At that time there were many birches by the riverfront that were removed during the 1985 pier work. After this some lime trees and a white elm have been removed from the park.

Surface area: 4,300 m²

Maintenance classification: A2 Recreational green area

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