Most of the Turku City green areas are different meadows and fields, altogether around 2,500 hectares. These areas are administered by the Public Utility Property Management.

Meadows and fields form open spaces in the landscape, and they are maintained in different ways depending on the type of area in question. For example, the edges of streets, routes, and pavements are maintained mainly by mowing. Some of the meadows are maintained through cultivation, and in some areas the aim of the maintenance is to keep the landscape open and to prevent bushes and trees from growing. The most central meadows are cut or mowed two to four times per growing season.

There are few valuable meadows in the city. They are maintained by mowing and removing the mowing waste, so that the soil becomes poorer and vegetation typical to meadows increases. All the arable fields in the city are intended to be preserved for farming. Meadows are also rented for stockbreeders to be used as pasture.

Meadows are maintained according to their maintenance classification

The maintenance classification determines the care and maintenance of a meadow. The maintenance classification is determined by the qualities and maintenance goals of the area. The meadows have been marked on the map in yellow, and different shades show the maintenance classification of each area. Maintenance classifications can be checked from the table.

Maintenance classification

Colour on the map

B1 Landscape fields


B2 Recreational meadows


B3 Landscape meadows and pastures


B4 Open areas and landscapes


B5 Valued meadows


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