Sites for Making Fire

Additional information - Open Fire

Making a fire on the land administered by Turku City is allowed only on places designated for making an open flame. Making a fire on any other place than the official campfire and barbeque sites is always forbidden.

Barbeque places can be found e.g. from Saaronniemi in Ruissalo and from the city’s outdoor recreation islands (Vepsä, Maisaari, Pähkinäinen). It is possible to barbeque on these sites also during risk of wildfire, as long as extra caution is exercised when handling fire.

The City of Turku does not give permissions for making a fire on any public area under its administration, because there is always a risk of wildfire when barbequing. The prohibition includes all coal barbeques as well. Single-use barbeques are also considered open fires by the Emergency Services.

Sites for barbequing and making fire in Turku

Grill gazebo at the end of Kurrapolku
(firewood is supplied by the city in winter)

(four grill gazebos and two barbequing places, take your own firewood with you)

The outdoor recreation islands Vepsä, Maisaari and Pähkinäinen
(take your own firewood with you)