Let’s Move!

There are many possibilities for people of all ages and conditions to do sports and exercise in Turku. Services offered by the City of Turku are affordable and some even free of charge. There is something for both beginners as well as for more experienced hobbyists. Also, over 300 sports clubs and associations organize versatile sports services.

Exercise for children, youth, and families

  • Children´s Wonderland (Lasten liikunnan ihmemaa) welcomes children aged 1–12 with their parents to frolic, play and bounce. The free-of-charge Children´s Wonderland can be found around Turku on Sundays.

  • In Mihi.fi sports groups 13–19-year-olds can do sports free of charge. Instruction is in Finnish.

  • There are free public hours in the ice halls and football halls of the city from August to late winter.

Indoor and outdoor swimming halls organize swimming schools as well as baby and family swimming hours. These events are subject to a charge, and the language of instruction is in Finnish.

Exercise for adults and seniors

The adult sports services of the Sports Services Centre are affordable and suitable especially for people who have exercised little or sporadically. There are groups for overweight persons where the focus is on the joy of movement. Instruction in these groups is in Finnish.

  • Leidit liikkeellä is for 29–64-year-old women

  • Kunnon äijät is for 29–64-year-old men

  • Kuntokonkarit is for 65-year-olds and older

  • Ihanaiset naiset is for overweight women

  • Raskas sarja is for overweight men

There are Gym ABC courses for beginners who are interested in gym training. The courses are suitable for over 15-year-olds. In the swimming halls there are, for example, different kinds of water gymnastic groups available.

Senior and Kimmoke Wristbands give affordable access to gyms, swimming halls, and culture destinations. The Senior Wristband is meant for over 65-year-old residents of Turku, and the Kimmoke Wristband is meant for persons of working age who receive basic income support or certain benefits from Kela.

Applied exercise

A disability, chronic disease, or the use of mobility aids are no impediments to exercising. Applied exercise services offer joy of movement for kids, youth and adults. Saattajakortti is a card for an assistant of a disabled person, and it makes exercising and visiting culture destinations easier for someone who needs an assistant as it grants the assistant free entry.

Exercise for immigrants

Immigrants are welcome to all services offered by the Sports Services Centre. All residents of Turku can also participate in multicultural activities that are organized for people of various ages. In multicultural activities anyone can get along perfectly no matter what language they speak.

Contact person

Minna Inkinen, Sports Services