Apply for a Time Slot in a Sports Facility

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You can apply for regular or single time slots from the Sport and Exercise Facilities. In order to apply for time slots you must first register to be a Timmi - user. Registering to be a Timmi user happens automatically as you sign in to the Timmi reservation calendar for the first time. To sign-in to Timmi you need an email address and an online banking account. After signing-in you can fill in the form of the reservation calendar. You may also apply for time slots during the season.

If you are also representing a registered club/association or business, you may extend the user rights to the company or association after the first sign-in.

Check the application periods for regular time slots from the links below. Before applying for a time slot please check its availability from the Timmi reservation calendar (in Finnish). Single time slots can be reserved through Timmi.

  • Sports and Exercise Facilities page has more information on the different facilities, their prices and a link to the reservation calendar Timmi
  • Check the application dates for the regular time slots

If the time slot you are applying for is already reserved on Timmi, fill out this application form:

Signing for keys

  • At all indoor facilities, a key is required for entry. The key is retrieved from the Sports Services Centre's Customer Service on weekdays during opening hours.
  • The key is given to the contact person, who should have with them a notice of registration and an ID. If you reserved single time slots to the same hall or are continuing regular times, you may keep the same key. Just inform us about the matter by sending email to:
  • If the key is not returned in time, Sports Services Centre will charge a sanction of 70€/key.


Send cancellations to liikunta.varaukset(a) or by mail to the Customer service centre. Cancellations are also made at the Timmi reservation calendar service. Timmi and "Omat tiedot" page lists all your reservations. Once you have cancelled your turn, you will receive an automatic email of the cancellation.

  • Cancellations must be made by no later than 4 days before the booked practise time. If the cancellation is not made 4 days before the booked practise time, Sports Services Centre will charge a sanction that is twice the normal price of the adults. This custom applies also to the children's practise times.
  • Cancellations can't be made by phone.
  • The cancellations/postpoments of events must be made two weeks before the even in question.

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