Rules and Regulations in Gyms

All the gyms of Turku City Sports Services Centre share the same rules and regulations.  This way everyone can train under functioning, clean and safe conditions.

  • The age limit for gym training is 15 years.For safety reasons, please do not take small children with you to wait while you train.
  • A person under 15 years old can train with his/her team in the gym, if the coach is also present.
  • A 13-14-year-old can also train in a gym with a parent or guardian.  The adult must be with the underage person the whole time they stay in the gym.
  • Use indoor shoes.
  • Wear indoor sportswear, do not train bare-chested.  Do not use swimwear while training in a gym that is connected to a swimming hall.
  • Put the weights back to the weight rack after you finish your training.
  • Take other users into account and get up from the device when you rest.
  • If needed, use a sweat towel to protect the devices so that taining will be comfortable for the next user as well.
  • Inform the staff about device failures and repair needs.

Enjoy your training!