Kupittaa Ball Game Hall

The main sports using the Kupittaa ball game hall are futsal, basketball, volleyball, floorball, badminton and gymnastics. Adult teams and the oldest junior teams playing in the highest series of the aforesaid sports will train and compete in the hall.

  • For training there will be three standard size (approx. 22 m x 42 m) courts that can be separated with a curtain.
  • Games or events can be organized
    • on the main court (approx. 2700 seats)
    • on two out of three courts (approx. 1200-1700 seats)
    • or on one court (approx. 100 seats)

The area for sports is covered with parquet and two out of three courts with a synthetic area rug. There are 12 changing rooms and approx. 190 m2 complementary space for training that can be reserved by the teams which train in the hall. There are e.g. three weightlifting platforms and free space for other types of training in the complementary space.

Visiting address: 

Lemminkäisenkatu 32 a
20520 Turku


Supervisors +358 40 632 8629
+358 40 676 6037

Opening hours

Mon - Sun 08:00 - 22:00