Gym Instruction at Petrelius Swimming Hall

Gym ABC course

  • Meant for beginners.
  • We try to organize Gym ABC courses 1-2 times per season.
  • During four classes the course teaches participants the basics of gym training and how to use the equipment.
  • The first two classes will focus on how the equipment works.
  • During the third class, everyone will prepare their own training programme and list their number of repetitions and weights, as well as their settings and ranges of motion.
  • The last class will include discussion about where and how to continue gym training.
  • Further information and registrations at tel. +358 (0)444 9072702 or ask the staff on the spot.

Gym ABC courses at Petrelius in spring 2016

  • Jan 17 - Feb 7, 4 classes on Sundays 8.45-9.45

Instruction on the use of the devices

  • Instruction classes on how to use gym devices are organized a couple of times per season at gyms.
  • The right technique and use of devices are instructed during classes.
  • The classes will be announced beforehand on this website and at the swimming hall. For further information and registration, please contact tel. +358 (0)44 9072702 or ask the staff on the spot.