Rules and Regulations at Kupittaa Sports Hall

Be sure to always follow the current rules and regulations and the staff’s instructions, as well as main-taining cleanliness and good manners. This is to ensure that everyone can train and practise safely and without disturbances.

  • The sports arena is reserved for the use of visitors under the age of 15 until 7 pm.
  • Visitors under the age of 15 are not allowed to use the weight training facilities unless accompanied by a group leader.
  • When entering, please sign in using the reader device before starting to train (group leader/athlete).
  • All visitors train at the sports facility at their own risk.
  • Only train in the areas of the arena that are designated for it. The pole vault and high jump areas are only to be used for training in the sports in question.
  • Supervisors are responsible for their own group or trainee.
  • When running on the track, always run in the counter clockwise direction. Do not run across the track or the main field.
  • Always take the other people using the training facilities into consideration.
  • Remember to return all equipment used during training to their designated places.
  • Leave the sauna area on Mon–Fri by 20:15 and on Sat-Sun by 17:15 at the latest.