Paavo Nurmi Stadium

Users of the Stadium must ensure that they follow the instructions of authorities regarding safety distances, good hand hygiene and coughing correctly for avoiding corona virus.


Paavo Nurmi Stadium provides great settings for athletics.

Mainly just track and field clubs are allowed to make reservations for Paavo Nurmi Stadium. Outside reserved hours the stadium is in public use. Check the reservations from the Timmi reservation planner.


  • places for track and field events
  • a 400 m running track, 8 lanes
  • the grass field inside the running track is 62 m x 102 m
  • public dressing rooms
  • the grandstand has approx. 4 000 seats and the enbankment seating circling around the stadium has room for around 9 000 people, so the the total number of seats is 13 000
  • there is also a kiosk in the area

Paavo Nurmi Stadium on the map

Paavo Nurmen puistotie 9

Visiting address: 

Paavo Nurmen puistotie 9
20800 Turku


Staff +358 50 431 0014

Opening hours

10.5.2022 - 2.10.2022
Mon - Fri 07:00 - 21:00
Sat - Sun 08:00 - 20:00
3.10.2022 - 1.5.2023