Instructions for Swimming School Participants

Further information

Lifeguards tel. +358 (0)2 623 591

Basic instructions

  • If you cannot start the swimming school, cancel your enrolment as soon as possible, so that the next student on line can get the place. Cancellation can be done
    • via the online service (you will get the instructions after you have enrolled)
    • or by calling the lifeguards, tel. +358 (0)2 262 3591
  • Also, notify us in case you start the course late.
  • The course fee must be paid during the first time.
  • ​Cash, debit cards, credit cards and VisaElectron cards are accepted as means of payment.
  • The lockers operate with 50 cent coins.

Instructions for escorts

  • Show the card/wristband to the scanner at the entry gate and go through the gate (the child going to the swimming school goes under the gate and the escort goes through the gate with the card/wristband)
  • One escort may enter with the child going to the swimming school. If the escort goes to swim, he/she must pay the entrance fee.
  • In case the escort wants to leave the facilities for the duration of the swimming school, he/she must ask the cashier to open the gate when exiting and re-entering.
    • Do not go under the gate.
    • Do not use the card/wristband, they can be used only once per day to get in and out.
  • The escort helps the child to put on swimwear and brings the child to the stands next to the lifeguards’ office in the pool area. The swimming instructor will then take a roll call and bring the children to the showers. It may be a good idea to bring a large bath towel or a bathrobe in case the air is cool.

Practical instructions

  • The swimming school will be held even if it rains. In case of thunder the situation will be evaluated on the spot.
  • The swimming instructor will go to the sauna with the children around the middle of the swimming lesson.
  • The swimming school can use a private sauna that is connected to the kiosk building.
  • Please be on time, that is, the child should be in the pool area wearing a swimsuit e.g. exactly at 10.15
  • The swimming instructor look after the children during the entire lesson. The escort must be waiting the child at the stands next to the lifeguards’ office when the swimming lesson ends. The escort takes the child to the showers and helps with dressing.
  • Please tell the swimming instructor about your child’s chronic diseases (diabetes, epilepsy etc.) or other things that might affect the course of the swimming school (fear of water, attention disorders) before the start of the swimming school.
  • Absences of 1 or 2 times are not refunded and cannot be substituted in other groups. Longer absences (75%) are refunded only if a medical certificate is shown.
  • PLEASE NOTE! On Fridays the escorts’ swimming time ends at the same time as the public swimming time at 19.30.