Turku Future Sports

The objective is to promote fitness and wellbeing of all people, professional prerequisites of top athletes and competitiveness and attractiveness of the whole city. The mission is to create an ecosystem which promotes sports, exercise, wellbeing and health by integrating actors.

Turku will become nationally and internationally attractive and respected centre of sports and exercise, combining:

  • active lifestyles and wellbeing of residents
  • pioneering competence in sports medicine
  • internationally recognised top competence in sports and large-scale success in sports
  • new companies and innovations of the field and investors interested in them.

Turku Future Sports concept supports the implementation of the City of Turku’s strategy as well as the City’s brand-related goals. Turku Future Sports is linked to both of the City of Turku’s strategic main programmes: Wellbeing and activeness and Competitiveness and sustainable growth. The development of the “city coaching centre” will promote joint development work.

Operational objectives

Turku Future Sports promotes wellbeing and growth and acts as an example also thanks to its administration, operational methods, finances and influential scope. Turku wants to be both nationally and internationally profiled as a notable city of fitness and sports, a forerunner.

The main points in Turku Future Sports


Societal need in Turku

GenerationPhysical activity recommendations
ChildrenIn total, 42 % of 7–15-year-old boys and 32 % of girls exercise according to
recommendations (Liitu 2019).
Working ageAbout 22 % of working age people exercise as recommended (Health, wellbeing and service survey of adults, ATH 2015).
ElderlyIn 2018, the share of people over the age of 75 who did not exercise recreationally was 35 % (FinSote 2018).
Sote 2018).