Kimmoke Wristband


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Kimmoke is an affordable way of taking part in leisure activities. You can try sports and culture either independently or in a group!

One wristband will give you access to sports areas and cultural attractions with an affordable seasonal fee.

Who can get a Kimmoke Wristband?

You are entitled to a wristband if you are a citizen of Turku and receive one of the following benefits from Kela:

  • Unemployment benefit (basic unemployment allowance or labour market subsidy)
  • Disability pension and rehabilitation subsidy (persons aged under 65 years)
  • Guarantee pension (persons aged under 65 years)
  • Pension assistance (persons aged 61–64 years)
  • Social assistance (bring your Kela card with you as well)
  • Rehabilitation allowance, sickness allowance and parental allowance (these have an income ceiling, and the wristband can only be bought at Monitori Citizen Services)

Please note that benefits received from independent insurance companies do not qualify.

Price and buying the wristband

EUR 39 / 6 months + a fee of EUR 8 when first buying the wristband.

Please take with you:

  • the positive decision or a payment declaration from the past month
  • your ID card

The Kimmoke Wristband can only be used once a day.

Where to buy the wristband

For future updates on events and locations, see:
(Event calendar and tips on what to see and do for Kimmoke members in Finnish.)