Senior Wristband and Senior Card


40 € / 6 months

  • 8 € wristband fee when first purchased
  • You must prove your identity when you buy the wristband
  • You can reload the wristband 2 weeks before the validity of the last loading ends
  • Participation to events is at one's own risk

Where to Buy Senior Wristbands

Reloading of Wristband Online

You may reload the Senior wristband easily online.



With the Senior Wristband and Senior Card 65-year-olds and older residents of Turku can enjoy exercise and culture at a low price. The wristband and card encourages to do self-directed exercises. The wristband and the card allows to use the services according to own schedules and interests. The wristband is valid 6 months from the loading date.

Where to use the Senior Wristband

Please remember to keep both the wristband and the card with you when using the services provided.

Gyms and swimming pools:



Peer-directed and independent groups