Evening High School (Iltalukio)

The Evening High School of Turku (Turun iltalukio) is an upper secondary education school meant for adults where it is possible to finish basic education studies, get the general upper secondary education certificate, pass the Finnish Matriculation Examination or to study single subjects (e.g. languages).

Study options:

1. general upper secondary education certificate
2. completing the entire upper secondary school, also online courses
3. the Finnish Matricuation Exam: also possible after vocational education without a general upper secondary education certificate
4. basic education certificate
5. raising basic education grades (i.e. the 10th year)
6. basic education for immigrants (language test minimum requirement 2/5)
7. studying a single subject
8. 10 courses of Finnish for foreigners
9. education for young persons who speak a foreign language
10. a start-year of upper secondary education (starttilukio)




Lukujärjestyksen mukaan

Service implementation: 
Self-produced services
Responsible organisation: 
Turun kaupungin sivistystoimiala
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50 - 150 euroa/lukuvuosi

Opening hours

School Office

Mon - Thu 15:00 - 19:00


+358 44 907 2037
School Secretary +358 2 629 882
Telephone Switchboard of Turku City +358 2 330 000


+358 2 262 9885