Choices in the Second Year

Parents or guardians of students will be informed about applying to special classes in December.

When moving on to the third year in Turku it is possible to apply to a special class. Apply through the Wilma Turku system by 13 January 2019 at the latest.

Language-oriented classes start in the first year. However, it is possible to take in a few extra students when moving on to the third year, if there are places in the class. Students who wish to apply to a language-oriented class should do so during the application period.

If the student later wants to quit the language-oriented or special class, the parent or guardian should cancel the place in the class by submitting the form for cancelling a place in a special class. The same form should be used when cancelling a place in a language-oriented class before the student has transferred to that class.

If the student does not go to school in Turku, the parent or guardian does not have the rights to use the Wilma Turku system. In this case you can use the forms on this page, or contact the school to get a printed form. The printed form should be delivered to the desired school within the application period.