Language classes

Basic education in Turku offers extensive bilingual education, language immersion in Swedish, and content and language integrated learning. In bilingual education, language is used as a teaching instrument for different subjects, which enables the pupil to reach a strong competence of the target language and to practice their cultural and international skills. Bilingual education complies with specific principles established in the curriculum.

One can apply for bilingual education when registering for school via Wilma. Applicants from outside municipalities may use printable forms. The classes are refilled at the beginning of the third and seventh grades, if places are available. When applying for the 1st grade, applicants will take part in tests evaluating the level of their first language. Sufficient mastery of the target language is tested when applying for the 3rd and 7th grades. Additional information about applying for a language class and the call for additional applications can be found in Wilma, or enquired of the principals of schools offering bilingual education.

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